btalink dtelink sfgmlink tfgmlink System BTA
Solid drilling tools
with brazed carbide inserts & guide pads
with indexable inserts
and guide pads

Counterboring tools
with indexable inserts
and guide pads

with indexable inserts
and guide pads

drill tubes
connecting chucks
vibration damper
pressure heads
drill bushings
spare parts
tool presetter
The System BTA is a high performance drilling process typically used for large diameters. This procedure allows depth to diameter ratios in excess of 100x’s dia. Drill heads are available with indexable inserts and guide pads from 18 mm and up. These tools are designed and available for a variety of materials and work pieces optimizing chip removal and chip control. Precision hole making for both short run and high volume manufacturing is economically possible.

Coolant is supplied through a pressure head between the drill tube and drill bushing. Coolant flows over the drill head providing both drill head lubrication and flow for chip removal. The chip and coolant mixture returns internally through the chip mouth and drill tube back to the coolant reservoir. The BTA System is basically driven using a high pressure and volume cooling system.

The BTA System is usually found on special deep hole drilling machines. The BTA is not ideally suited for conventional machines or machining centers. BTA deep hole drilling tools are available in diameter ranges from
7.76 mm- 500 mm.
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