Single fluted drills
Solid drilling tools
in solid carbide design
with brazed solid carbide tip
with indexable inserts
and guide pads

Counterboring tools
with brazed solid carbide tip
trepanning tools
Pilot drills
solid carbide guide hole drills
sealing discs
whipguide bushings
drill bush holders
clamping cones
Grinding machines
botek double grinding wheels
botek grinding fixtures ZS
botek grinding fixtures PS
single-station grinding machines
multi-station grinding machines
Type 113 -
Solid carbide gundrill

kidney-shaped coolant channel
diameter range: 0.500 - 12.000 mm
Type 113-01 -
Solid carbide gundrill

kidney-shaped, coolant channel
diameter range: 1.50 - 12.00 mm
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