Twin fluted drills
Solid drilling tools
in solid carbide design
with brazed solid carbide tip

Counterboring tools
with brazed solid carbide tip

Pilot drills
Solid carbide guide hole drills

sealing discs
whipguide bushings
Two Flute gundrills is a double edged coolant fed tool. With this tool, diameter to depth ratios up to 40x's dia. is possible. Higher penetration rates are possible with Two Flute Gundrills than with a single flute gundrill in certain materials. A variety of coatings and carbide grades are available for different customer applications. Coolant is delivered through the center of the gundrill and chip mixture is returned through the flutes of the gundrill shaft.

These can be used on machining centers, turning centers, transfer lines and a variety of special purpose machines. A high pressure coolant system with filtration is necessary for small hole drilling. Solid carbide Two Flute gundrills are available up to 20 x's dia. Solid carbide drills up to 12 x's dia. do not require pilot holes or bushings. For holes over 20x's dia., a carbide tipped gundrill is typically used on transfer lines, deep hole drilling machines and special purpose machines. The Two Flute Gundrill offers some advantages over the single flute gundrill. Two flute Gundrills are manufactured and available down to 2.8 mm in diameter.
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